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We, at our company, believe that order delivery is not the stage where all our work ends.


Loyalty is one of those deal breaker factors that a customer always look into. Once a customer realizes that the business has no loyalty to him/her, he would undoubtedly walk away. Considering this aspect, we always aim to well-maintain our company-customer relations by being loyal to our customers. And, we do this by being honest to them about the status of their orders for Grated Coconut Powder and Dried Coconut. We keep interacting with them on regularly basis until they receive their placed orders.

We have outfitted our production plant with up-to-the-minute shredding, grating, pressing and other general tools to achieve the best results at every stage of production.

Safety of goods is our prime motto, therefore, we ensure that our employees where masks, gloves and caps while handling the products.

Ingredients Procurement

Working in the food industry is not as easy as it seems to be. One must be careful of the ingredients one is using to prepare its food products. For making our food Shredded Desiccated Coconut Powder and other products,

We always source the best coconuts from highly experienced farmers to avoid all the chances of occurrence of poor quality in our produced goods.

Why Choose Us?

We give our customers not one but many reasons to associate with us and not our counterparts, of which few are listed below-

  • We always adhere by our commitment of providing quality-marked assortment of Pure Coconut Oil, Fresh Grated Coconut Powder and more.
  • We have a large distribution network reaching across different regions of our country.
  • We are backed by a modern infrastructural base sprawling over a large piece of land.
  • Assisted by our team of 40 employees, we have been making our winning the hearts of our customers by delivering their orders for aforesaid products on time.

Our real job begins when our customer needs us after buying a product from. And, this is where, we differ from all others.

About Us

Since the time we, M/S SLV Coconut Industries, have begun our business journey, we have been working hard to make our customers happy by delivering them the best quality coconut products. The assortment of goods we offer includes Shredded Desiccated Coconut Powder, Pure Coconut Oil, Grated Coconut Powder and Coconut Virgin Oil. As we follow total quality management techniques for complying our goods with industrial quality standards, we are known to be the best manufacturers of aforesaid and more products. Our team of customer care executives is present round the clock to help our customers even after the sale is done.

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